10 Reasons You Should Check Your Natal Chart from David Gasparyan

I sincerely believe that your natal chart is as identifiable as your fingerprint. It’s inherently connected to each individual person, and no two people share the same information. In this sense, your results are completely yours.

The following are ten reasons you should look into your natal chart sooner rather than later.

  • It’s not a superstition: You may have heard people call natal charts a form of superstition. That’s not the case, because at its core, natal charts have a mathematical basis. They study the interconnection between people’s lives and Zodiac signs, as well as their planets. In other words, natal charts are concerned with different types of energies around you.


  • Know yourself better: Your natal chart tells you a lot about yourself, including your personality and character. They provide you with a deeper understanding of your qualities and tendencies. This information is key and allows you to focus on yourself.


  • Discover your future: What does the future hold for you? This may be an unanswerable question, but natal charts also provide insight into what lies ahead for you.


  • Seize your opportunities: You can even accurately identify what opportunities are coming your way. This information allows you to maximize your opportunities and truly realize them, opening the door for more success.


  • Understand your love life: It’s essential to live a happy life full of live. Your natal chart will uncover details about your inner self, providing insight into your future relationships. It’ll also let you know how compatible you are with a potential partner.


  • Family life: You can also peak into your familial situation with your natal chart. You can learn how to keep your family safe and secure, and understand how to effectively deal with family members, creating harmony in your inner circle.


  • Protect your career: Your natal chart will also offer you a guide for your career. These tips and suggestions will protect you professionally. The planets will guide you so you can have a successful career. Your professional career is important and your future will be brighter if you follow the guides outlined for you. It’s an effective way of climbing the social ladder and developing into a much more positive person.


  • Keep an eye on your well-being: There is nothing more important than our health. It’s important to enjoy your life to the fullest. This starts with taking care of yourself. Your natal chart will ensure you live a satisfactory life, moving toward personal improvement. You’ll also develop your skills and have the strength to move forward.


  • Improve your finances: Money is the root of all evil, but don’t fall into that trap. Your natal chart will shed light into your finances, keeping you grounded to the details so you can pay attention to a path to wealth.


  • Get the answers to your questions: Are you anxious because of unanswerable questions? Get insight into your future with your natal chart, and forgo any confusion and uncertainty.


So, as you can see, regardless of your situation, it is always a good idea to check up on your natal chart. It’s a key way to discover some important information that can be beneficial to your overall life. It’ll also make you a much more self-aware individual.

The 5 Most Influential Planets in a Natal Chart from David Gasparyan

Have you ever wondered why we all react to situations differently? The inclinations we have are not random. They are directly related to planets. In fact, planets play a significant role in how our identities are shaped. These are the most persuasive planets in a natal graph:


The Sun symbolizes vitality and focus. In essence, the Sun is also connected to our identity as a whole. The Sun speaks to our individual character and makes up our self-image. The Sun isn’t a planet, but it’s the most persuasive body in your natal graph. The Sun also controls all the other Zodiac signs.


The Moon presents emotion, creative energy, and inventiveness. The key role of the Moon is improving your responses and reactions. The Moon also speaks to the passionate side of the individual.


Venus is an image of affection and magnificence. It’s concerned with sentiment and love. Venus decides who you are attracted to and how you feel about the people in your life.


Mars is all about vitality and assurance. Mars controls the drive of people and makes them inspired to accomplish goals in their lives. Mars allows people the will to keep pushing forward and reaching new heights. In this sense, it’s arguably one of the most important planets.


Jupiter stands in for development and insight to the individual. Jupiter influences us all to think sensibly and make good choices. It’s also the symbol of energy and expectation and everyday good fortune.

Understanding Chinese Horoscopes from David Gasparyan

I have been studying Chinese Horoscopes for quite a while. I am completely enamored by the idea, which all began during a trip to Beijing in 2007. I learned about its origins and what each sign represents, then I fell down the rabbit hole where I discovered traditional astronomy.


The most fascinating part of this discovery for me has been that Chinese astrology was birthed during the Han Dynasty, which was during 2nd Century BC until 2nd Century AD. This fact was mind-blowing.


Chinese astrology is part of people’s everyday lives. In fact, many people, rightfully so, adjust their lifestyles according to horoscopes. In some sense, making these necessary adjustments pushes you towards a more “correct” way of living. In my research, I have discovered the theory of harmony, and how it’s an essential part of your everyday life.


In Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang describes how opposite forces can me complementary. In essence, Yin is the latent, female force, whereas Yang is a much more masculine force. The lack of balance between the two can cause disruption, including anxiety, depression, whereas complete harmony and balance results in optimal energy.


The biggest and most essential discovery for me has been Wu Xing. This is essentially made up of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.


Wood is mostly concerned with imagination and adaptability. Fire is based on passionate interaction. Earth improves soundness. Metal focuses on autonomy. Water supports a sense of being and unwinding.


Chinese astrology states that a person’s destiny relies on the positon of the major planets during their birth along with the positon of the Sun. The twelve-year cycle of animal signs that we have all become familiar with was built from close observations of planets. Chinese astronomers then created the framework for what is now Chinese astrology.


In the following section, I will look into various Chinese Astrological Profiles, and analyzing information based on your sign.


  • What is your Chinese sign? Why is this sign associated with you? How can this be of use in your personal and professional life?


  • Your energy attributes to everything that makes up your life – how you interact with others and how positive and negative events can impact you, your life, and most importantly your future.


  • Who are you most closely connected with? These seemingly trivial decisions can be connected to your sign.


  • How can you adjust your feelings and emotions? What changes are you able to make that can have a direct impact in your life?


It’s also important to understand your Feng shui report. This will help you improve your quality of life, make necessary adjustments, and harmonize yourself with your surrounding environment.


Feng shui is an ancient practice that originates from China. Feng shui uses forces to ensure a harmonious environment. It’s also closely associated with Taoism.


Feng shui essentially enhances your lifestyle by making adjustments in your everyday life. If you have ever heard about adjusting your furniture in your home based on Feng shui, then you may already be familiar with the concept. It’s important, for example, to make sure your bed is positioned between a window and a door, and to have your feet point toward the door while resting. This is optimal Feng shui and allows for better energy. Feng shui is also associated with good fortune and is known for updating your lifestyle overall.


The most essential aspect of Feng shui is following its guidelines. In my experience, everything I have read and discovered about Feng shui makes the entire concept seem very straightforward. It’s not difficult to follow and it’s all about making minor adjustments to your lifestyle.